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    Hi, I started with a brand new (literally...only picked it up on Thursday) Pre. I noticed it had the mysterious Yahoo account in the message area before I upgraded, though it would not log in.

    I upgraded first to the 1.2.X that was available on that Thursday. Still no Yahoo login ability, but everything else seemed to be working well.

    Then I upgraded to 1.3.1 with no problems (I never even bothered to put my Homebrew stuff on this phone because the last one had been giving me some issues and I thought maybe they were the cause).

    It was not long before I noticed that there seems to sometimes be a rather large lag in time between receipt of a text and the notification that I have one...especially if I get a yahoo IM followed by an SMS. If I don't look at the notification of the first message, the following ones, be they IM or SMS do NOT sound or show until I open the slider and close it again.

    Also, I've changed my text tone to a custom ring-tone, but still sometimes get the Pre tone and the screen lights up but there's no visible notification.

    Is anyone else experiencing anything like this or do I need to go back to Sprint again?

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    I cant even get my phone to sign into yahoo. Palm is aware there are some bugs with the yahoo synergy, altohugh no timetable were given to fix the issue.

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