is it my turn ? :-p

Here's my little review...

Bit of background.. I've owned a iphone 2g and upgraded to the 3g and my contract was due to run out so I had a choice.. do I go for the iphone 3gs or the palm pre !

what a choice.. the 3gs or the pre.. Well after owning an iphone for over 2 years and getting a little disgruntled by apple's lack to listen to there customers and the fact even after 3 years you have gotten video / txt forwarding and a gps app.. O and auto focus now.. this is very poor indeed. Infact.. there next update.. to the 3gsf ? will be an added flash.. lol and the ability to change an email notification ringtone. ( dont quote me on that ! ) is all I'm expecting..

So, back to the pre or iphone.. The iphone is a great phone, but I just wanted a change. It's just a little to big for my liking. If your off for a night out, having a few beers it's just a bit big for the pocket. The pre on the other hand is just right, A nice shape. I did own a HTC Diamond for a bit and I loved the size of it but the windows os suck's to be frank.. too many silly options / taps just to get anywhere and after all that it crashed and needed a reset. (sorry htc lovers)

So the size of the pre is a great attraction for me. But as all lads know.. .size isnt everything.. (lol) it's how it performs. My last iphone was the 3g one and the pre blow's this phone out of the water for web browsing.. just love the pre for that. Its so quick and easy to use. The webOS is just awesome.. a flick here / there and its done.. mutlitasking is just a dream and I'm still closing down apps before I open another one as thats what I'm used to on the iphone. You dont realise just how good the phone is until you pick up some else.. My friends got the new sony saito.. yes a nice phone.. it is a bit big, but trying to do anything on the touch screen is just a nightmare compared to the pre. The notifications you get on the main lock screen for email / sms etc is just ace.. The iphone sucks as that big time !

There are loads of good bits I could go on and on.. but there are a couple of downsides to the phone.. these however can all be fixed.. this is my little list..

Poor App support.. now I know this is going to improve overtime and its a new phone so..
No touchstone in the box.. I know its only a option but I think it should of come with it in the first place.
Worldwide firmware upgrade.. I feel a bit left out here in the UK !

The build quality isnt I dont think as good as the iphone, BUT its not bad at all and I would say feels nice and is defo on par with any nokia.

Think I've covered it all.. and would I swap my palm pre to a iphone 3gs.. nar not a chance.. my pre is here to stay :-)