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    I love the new update, I don't know what it is but it seems that my pre is lasting a lot longer with a charge. Yesterday while working on set I had it on and off of airplane mode most of the day 7:30 am to 9 pm and at the end of the day my battery was still at like 54 % when I went to bed at midnight. Today since 9:30 (its 12:30 here now) my pre is still at 100% battery life.

    Maybe its just me but ever since the update my battery has been doing great. Before the update I was barely getting a whole days worth of battery including one instance where at 3pm i re-charged my battery only to see it go out by 9pm that night!

    Thanks Palm!
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    Battery life seems much better for me too. The biggest difference I am seeing is the battery doesn't drain really fast if Pandora is paused. I use Pandora on and off all day (and leave it paused if I am not using it) so I am seeing a pretty drastic difference in battery life

    With 1.2.1 I would swap batteries at 12:00 or so since I would be around 20%-30%, but today I am at 52% at 2:45.
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    Worse for me. On 1.2.1 then by 4PM I'd be down to 40% battery. On 1.3.1 then at noon today I was a 24%. I called Palm Support and after 20 minutes (mostly spent on hold) I was down to 16%.

    I've dumped all my apps weeks ago, turned off BT/WiFi/IM and reduced it to only one email account and my battery still sucks. And Sprint's solution to all this? "Buy a 2nd battery".

    Great phone.

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