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    Before the update I could go to the wallpaper forum here and email it t my account, then open my email on my phone and click the pick and hit down load. No I get a message that cannot find an app to open the file. What can I do?
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    I just tried it and you're correct. Good find, I'll report it to Palm to see if it's a bug or an oversight. It used to work prior to 1.3.1 update.
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    ok great, I can live with bugs for now. Just making sure its not just my phone.
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    Well, I just tried sending a jpg (not one from the wallpaper forum) to my email, checked it on my Pre and it worked correctly. The issue might be with this site and it's wallpaper forum? Can you do the same (send a jpg to your email from your email and then check it on your phone, Just choose any jpg from your PC/desktop)?

    I sent to it my Yahoo and Gmail accounts to make sure it wasn't an email specific issue and they both rendered the jpg correctly on my Pre and it gave me the option to "Copy to Photos" (tried two different jpg's from desktop).

    It seems as if it's an issue with the sub forum (wallpapers) attachment system but I can't be certain if it is a compatibility issue with 1.3.1.
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    Sure, the next minute I get I will. Yeah it must be this site, I sent an Email to my self and it works just fine.
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