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    Quote Originally Posted by Urkel View Post
    Sorry, but can you link or explain what you mean about that? I'd love to get my google contacts in Sprint Nav but I don't understand the "extra space in address" thing.
    I will see if I can find the thread. Google puts in an extra space, between city and state I believe, that stops sprint nav from recognizing the address. If you retype it in correctly in your contacts, sprint nav should be able to find it. All mine imported correctly tho, so I thought maybe it was fixed.
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    I wanted to just sync between the MacOS address book and WebOS, but the only way I could get it to work was to use Google as an intermediary. I really don't use Google for anything else except birthdays on the calendar.
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    My contacts are important to me. I keep them in Google, my Palm Profile, and on my iMac in Contacts. Contacts on iMac is actually my primary place. I export the contacts CSV or vCard then upload those to Google, etc. I've recently run into an issue where all the contacts on my Palm profile were overwritten with a back up.. containing nothing.. Not sure how that happened but since then I can no longer trust Palm with my contacts. Apps, sure. Contacts, no.

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    I use Google for my Contacts.
    I then sync this to my iMac Address Book, iPodTouch, even my Yahoo account if necessary.
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    Found it! This thread, post 36

    It was also discussed here: last page or so
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    I just made the switch to google. I imported about 1450 contacts an hour ago. Nothing on my pre yet. How long does it take for the google contacts to start showing up on the pre? Is there a certain time it gets updated?
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    I use Google and removed all of my Palm Profile contacts. I used the phone to send the vCards to Gmail through the Mail Client on the phone and then imported them in the web interface. Setting the contact pictures in Gmail actually will filter down to the phone too, so no need to keep the pics on the physical device.
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