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    Is there an easy way to remove all my patches and upgrades rather than to do them one at a time with preware and WebOSquick?

    Do i need to remove my apps as well?

    What will happen if I just do the upgrade without undoing everything?
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    If you just update, there are plenty of threads on this site that detail what happened to people who just tried to update with the patches.

    I don't run the tweaks, but I believe there is a program out there that will remove all the tweaks/patches you put on there. Some one out there knows what it is called.
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    Emergency Patch Recovery in Preware. Search for it under List of Everything.
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    ...Emergency Patch removal tool will do the trick, and you don't need to remove your apps, but if you have a theme loaded you should remove that.
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    yea..remove theme first!!!! And den do emergency removal

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