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    What a hassle. Now when I enter my PIN password, I also have to press the new "done" button. Is there any way to avoid this inconvenience?

    On the plus side though, it appears that a PIN password can now be only 2 digits long, previously a PIN password required 4 digits in the previous OS version.

    I haven't tried entering only 1 digit yet for a PIN password, maybe it might work, I don't know, but I'm happy to only enter 2 digits instead of 4 with this new version. But having to press the new "done" button is bothering me!
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    Don't the two kind of go hand-in-hand? I mean, if you can have a PIN of only two digits, one out of 100 goofball guesses would be able to unlock it. Whereas if you have to hit "done," you would also have to know that the PIN is only two digits.
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    If you have exchange- the minimum is still a 4 character password. But I like that you can set it now to 10 or even 30 minutes before the screen lock is enabled. The Done button does seem excessive- but yes it adds another layer of variability.
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    The simple pin can now be longer than 4 digits, that's why the "done" button was placed. Otherwise, the OS wouldn't know when you'd be done typing in your pw.
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