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    Well, I downloaded the FB app and it put all of my friends into my phone's contact list. Well I hate it.

    My question is, if I do a hard reset after I delete the FB app, do I just treat my phone as if it were a new phone? Just sign into my Palm profile and everything goes back to the way it was before I did the hard reset? I know there are work arounds but I don't want that stuff in my contact list.

    Thanks folks.
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    Seriously, nobody knows?
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    i had nearly the same problem. i "installed" google talk and all my google contacts were synchronised. i dont want them on my pre. i tried to delete the account from the contacts app and all google contacts were gone. this might be the same for your lil facebook problem
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    What are you asking? When you say hard reset, do you mean just a power cycle?

    If you don't want your FB friends on your Pre, just remove the Facebook accnt from the phone and the friends will automatically be removed from your Pre.
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