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    Hello. I downloaded the patch to have the ability to download Youtube videos. Before the 1.3.1 update I was able ot see the download progress in the notification area but with the 1.3.1 I dont see it anymore and I noticed that it doesnt actually download. I went to the video I am downloading and clicked the more button again and it says "Downloading" but never actually downloads.. Anyone else have this problem? I love the ability to download youtube videos and for now the option isnt working. Please help. Thank you
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    just tryed it and it worked for me.
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    works for me too, uninstall and reinstall?
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    Its working for me, kinda irked that it keeps notifying me for each percent download....but glad at least it isn't audio notification.
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    Mine looks to be working too. So far anyways. They did release an update for this patch a few days ago. Make sure ya uninstall the old one and reinstall the new one.
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    i'm having problems, too. Downloaded 3 successfully, then started having the same pro . Hope it's the patch issue.

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    After a bit of testing, I've come to the conclusion that it largely depends on the video you're downloading. I've had some videos tat work perfectly, some that will finish downloading but won't play in the video player app, some that won't begin to download, and some that will stop part way into the download (this usually happens with longer videos so maybe the network times out? Wifi might solve this).

    Interestingly, the videos that download but won't play also don't play in the Youtube player. I think the patch used the same decoder as the youtube app - so that might be a difficult problem to fix. As for the ones that don't download at all, maybe youtube isn't consistent about where it saves its flv's?

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