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    I changed over to google for my contact list, and some of the contacts, including my own, already have a contact picture. I don't have a photo for my google account/gtalk. I wondered where it was pulling it from so I can change the photo. I know I can do it manually so it is different on my phone, but I don't want it to appear anywhere else either.
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    Log into Google talk in your gmail on a computer.
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    the photo comes from the profile pics assigned in Google Talk. You can log onto Google Talk and change your picture.
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    My pic came from the GMail & Google Talk settings -I have a pic on each 'profile'...
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    Thanx. I've never used google talk. It signs in when I sign into gmail, but when I looked at it, there is no profile pic. Can it pull from a yahoo or aol profile? I have emails from those places in the contact. I've since changed the pic on my phone, and it changed it in my gmail contact list, but the google talk pic is still blank.
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    Maybe it pulled them from Facebook?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gage006 View Post
    Maybe it pulled them from Facebook?
    Thanx, I do have that pic on facebook, but I've never used it on the phone, because it pulls in all the contacts. I'm not going to worry about it. Thanx everyone for your help!
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    Google contacts does pull the pictures from Gtalk... However you can actually override them in gmail. If you go to your address book, click on one of your contacts name, there you'll see a blank portrait at the top right, if you mouseover it, you'll see the option to add a photo to that contact.. There you can upload a pic of them or whatever you want and it'll apply it as the contacts avatar.

    Your pre phone will actually pull those graphics and apply them to your contacts (assuming they don't already have a facebook account linked and/or you have facebook set as the primary account.)

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