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    I cannot even get any update !! I am still using 1.2.1 WebOS and everytime I go to the updates section it just keeps browsing for one and doesnt find any :S I tried doing a full and partial erase of the Palm, however; with no avail it just fades in the back saying Erasing, but does not do anything.

    After that I downloaded WebOs Doctor. Again... I pluged it in my computer, to my Palm... clicked on English, Accepted..Said it is checking system, after that screen it showed; (Connect USB ........ ) and so I did.. The "Next" button now is dimmed and not letting me continue?

    Please Help me guys!!!

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    i am at that same problem right now and im trying to figure out what to do, i forgot to remove tweaks from my phone b4 updating and now i cant do certain things and i can physically notice my phone running slower/at a lesser capacity... i keep plugging my phone in at the SAME point as u and keep getting the "plug phone directly into usb drive" message.
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    go check out this thread it should help you out ok ?!

    restart the webos doctor and try again
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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