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    I am having the same issue as alot of you are. Once the email is pulled from the server it is not deleting from the Pre. Has anyone figured this out yet. It is kind of annoying.
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    Great news, all. I heard back from Palm and turns out we are all just imagining the POP problem. So stop imagining it and all will be right again!

    (Kidding aside they said they were unable to replicate and suggested it was a setting I had wrong. I explained to them that I had not changed the settings, and there was message boards full of people who are having the same problems post 1.3.1. I got a polite will look into it, but am skeptical.)

    If we want this fixed might not be a bad idea to do a chat of your own and see what you can find out. Might get a more knowledgeable person, or at the very least a number of complaints might lead Palm to realize this is really an issue and fix it. Chat is here: Palm Support : Palm Pre Sprint - Support Services
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    Quote Originally Posted by ska11153 View Post
    How do I get this patch?
    Do you have Preware installed on your Pre? If so, it's in the patches section.

    If you don't have Preware, take a look the thread below...I've been sooooo much happier since I discovered Preware on here.

    Good luck!
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    From the official Palm support forums, an answer: Tough s---, deal with it.

    "Ok, folks. Maybe not what you wanted to hear, but I've already heard that this change was made to bring POP access inline with the behavior of other POP clients, which support removing email from the server when that client removes it (Sync deleted mail option) but NOT removing mail on the server that is deleted elsewhere.

    If you want to be able to keep several email clients in sync like this, you'll have to use IMAP or Exchange, now. "

    Re: POP email issues - 1.3.1 applied - Wireless Email - Palm Support Community
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    If this is truly the case that POP email isn't supposed to sync with the server, they WHY do you offer a setting on the email Preferences titled "SYNC" with the option (on or off) to "Delete email from server when deleted on device." ??
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    Quote Originally Posted by robapodaca View Post
    If this is truly the case that POP email isn't supposed to sync with the server, they WHY do you offer a setting on the email Preferences titled "SYNC" with the option (on or off) to "Delete email from server when deleted on device." ??
    I cannot find this preference! Where is it?
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    I have a totally stock pre, always been stock. Afetr update, I no longer get my emails pushed to my phone from Gmail. It's the only account I have, but I see emails pop up on my PC, and hours later my phone still doesnt get them. I have it set to "as mail arrives". Any thoughts?
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    I copied this exchange from palm's Chat page earlier today:

    5:30 PM Douglas Klein: Since you 1.3.1 update, the emails no longer clear from my phone when I download them from the server. This leaves me with> 300 emails to manually delete. If I leave then on the phone, the email program slows to a crawl.
    This fix broke my phone!!!!
    5:30 PM Zane: Thank you for contacting Palm Technical Support. My name is Zane. How can I help you today?
    5:30 PM Zane: Hello.
    5:31 PM Douglas Klein: How do I get my phone to automatically delete the email once I down load them from the server with my computer like it did before I updated to WebOs 1.3.1?
    5:32 PM Zane: What is the email account you are using?
    5:32 PM Zane: Is it an Exchange or POP?
    5:33 PM Douglas Klein: with my ISP a POP mail server
    5:34 PM I Zane: Okay.
    5:35 PM Douglas Klein: When I read/down load my mail with my computer, Thunderbird will filter out the vast number of JUNK emails I get on a daily basis. These emails are going to my phone without a filter, clogging it up.
    5:36 PM Douglas Klein: There is no bulk erase function, except for the trash bin, so I have to go through 1 by 1. Which is more difficult as the phone slows down with the large amount of emails junk I get
    5:37 PM Zane: Thank you for the information.
    5:40 PM Zane: You mean, once you delete the emails from Server, they should be reflected on Pre?
    5:42 PM Douglas Klein: That is what was happening before 1.3.1, All I had to do was download them from the server with my other (Main) email program. Any emails that did not remain on the server, would be deleted from my palm pre.
    5:42 PM Zane: Okay.
    5:42 PM Zane: I will explain you.
    5:43 PM Zane: Let me explain you as how a POP email accounts work.
    5:43 PM Zane: POP email gives you the liberty to copy or save emails locally on your computer or device.
    5:43 PM Zane: If you configure any POP email account in Outlook, it will download emails which are available on POP server in Outlook and saves them locally on your computer hard drive. After that, if you delete the same email on POP server, the email which is downloaded in Outlook will not get deleted as they are saved on your computer's memory.
    5:44 PM Zane: This is the right behavior for POP email account.
    5:44 PM Zane: On Palm Pre device, it was not working in the same way before 1.3.1 update. It used to delete the email from Pre device as well when it was deleted on POP server.
    5:45 PM Zane: With 1.3.1 update, this issue is fixed and it is working as per the expected POP behavior.
    5:47 PM Douglas Klein: So, if you are going to change the function of the phone, at least give us the tools to deal with your downgrade - like a BULK erase, esp. as the phone bogs down when overloaded with emails.
    5:49 PM Douglas Klein: I fail to see this as an improvement. You give us an option to leave the mail on the server, Give US an option to have it behave like it did in WebOs 1.2.1 or 1.1.1 and delete the emails when it was removed from the server.
    5:50 PM Zane: Well it is the way the POP email accounts work.
    5:51 PM Douglas Klein: So FIX IT
    5:51 PM Zane: Yes we have fixed it with 1.3.1
    5:51 PM Douglas Klein: No you BROKE IT
    5:53 PM Zane: We did not broke it, it is the way how the POP account works.
    5:53 PM Zane: Previously it was not working.
    5:54 PM Zane: After working on it Palm came with a latest Updates so it will work same with the POP account.
    5:55 PM Douglas Klein: listen, (good choice of words) have you done any consumer research to see if this is what your customers want? It worked the way I wanted when you were at 1.2.1. If it didn't conform to POP standards I understand that, but I don't want POP standards, I want a way to deal with all the JUNK that is bogging up my phone. You had a way to deal with it that worked and was elegant, even if Palm didn't know that. So give us the option to turn it back to the way the email handled deleted server messages before 1.3.1.
    5:57 PM Zane: Well it is the POP standard which has configured with the 1.3.1 update.
    5:57 PM Zane: If you want you can configure IMAP.
    5:57 PM Zane: Then it will work the way you want.
    5:58 PM Zane: Every account has its own standards.
    5:59 PM Douglas Klein: THAT is NOT what we want, we want a way to deal with the amount of junk clogging our phones. I do not have an IMAP account, I do not want to change my email for a cell phone!
    6:00 PM Zane: It is a feature request and it is the way the POP account has been designed and nothing can be done.
    6:02 PM Douglas Klein: check out this forum < link to this forum, removed by this forum> DOES PALM listen to it's costumers, or should I try a different phone?
    6:03 PM Zane: The Update has been released to fix the issue and continue with the POP standards.
    6:03 PM Zane: I have provided you with the honest information so that you will be aware of it.
    6:04 PM Zane: However I will forward your request to higher level.
    6:04 PM Zane: Here's the reference number for our chat: Chat Session ID number 44300737.
    6:04 PM Zane: Is there anything else I could help you with?
    6:05 PM Douglas Klein: yes, tell me how to upgrade to WebOs 1.2.1
    6:05 PM Zane: I am afraid there is no option to roll back to 1.2.1.
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    Palm is trying to make me cry? This chaps my hide.

    OK, so POP clients work like this... DESKTOP clients work like that!! This is a MOBILE device, and has its OWN functionality and uses. It is NOT a desktop and should not WORK like one.

    Who's making these decisions???
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    something broke with my gmail sync after my last update and I'm getting pretty annoyed trying to fix it.
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    DMKLEIN: Thanks for posting your conversation with Palm. I understand what they are trying to do but man is it frustrating when you get used to certain type of functionality. This certainly seems like a step backwards.

    I unfortunately have 2 POP email accounts and since this "update" my phone has been slowing down alot and I am receiving "too many cards open" error messages when I previously never had any. The 100's of email messages I receive daily are taking way too long to swipe and delete.

    It would be nice if we could have an option to select the old functionality.
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    Unfortunately, Palm felt the need to change functionally of our phones to match that of the POP standard in WebOS 1.3.2. It does not seem to matter to Palm if we, the users want that or not.

    See :Post 1.3.1 update POP issues - Wireless Email - Palm Support Community
    at Palm's Support Web site for a fairly long thread describing this.

    Also - Go to their feedback page Feedback & Feature Requests | Palm USA and voice your dissatisfaction with this change, and request they turn back the function to that of 1.2.1.

    Please - the more people that complain, the more likely we will have a fix for this.
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    I also noticed this new "undocumented" change in email in posted in this thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by ndz View Post
    Not an error but an undocumented change in email:
    Using POP email used to clear/sync the new messages on your phone after they were removed from the server (or downloaded to your home computer for example). Now, the messages remain on the phone. I haven't decided if this is a good or bad change. A user option for this would be nice. I kind of liked when they cleared from the phone because I didn't have to select each one to mark it as read. Also a mark-all-read (not homebrew) button could come in handy.
    Everyone post on this thread so we can bring this to the attn of Palm:
    Post 1.3.1 update POP issues - Wireless Email - Palm Support Community
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    Here's my discussion with the web chat guy. EVERYONE DO THIS! They are not spending their day looking at our forum here. KEEP ON THEM. Be kind and firm.

    8:00 PM Connecting to Rescue Gateway:
    8:00 PM Connected to Rescue Gateway. A support representative will be with you shortly.
    8:07 PM Support session established with Austin.

    8:07 PM Austin: Hello. Thank you for contacting Palm Technical Support. My name is Austin. How may I help you?
    8:08 PM Greg Hornagold: Hey there. Tell me if you've heard this one before...
    8:08 PM Greg Hornagold: I HATE THE 1.3.1 UPDATE
    8:08 PM Greg Hornagold: It ruined the POP email.
    8:08 PM Greg Hornagold: :-)
    8:08 PM Greg Hornagold: You heard that yet today? If yes, how many times?
    8:09 PM Austin: Could you be more specific regarding the issue?
    8:09 PM Greg Hornagold: POP email stays on the device after being removed from the POP server...not syncing anymore.
    8:09 PM Greg Hornagold: Now deleting 200+ emails TWICE daily.
    8:10 PM Greg Hornagold: You seriously haven't heard about this?
    8:10 PM Austin: I understand that the POP email stays on the device after being deleted on the server,
    8:10 PM Austin: Yes, this has been changed to this way based on the inputs from few of the customers with the Palm Web OS 1.3.1 update.
    8:12 PM Greg Hornagold: The problem is that there is no OPTION for us to choose this behavior. You've (not actually you) - PALM has changed this feature based on the input of, in your words, "a few." The many are very upset. Every Palm user forum is innundated with this concern. Help us!
    8:12 PM Austin: I do understand the situation, however if you want the way it was earlier, you can revert back to the Web OS Version 1.2.1.
    8:12 PM Greg Hornagold: HOW? We've been told this is not an option.
    8:12 PM Austin: You can download and run the Palm Web OS Doctor and run it to revert back to version 1.2.1
    8:13 PM Austin: Open the link below to download the software. Let me know if you need help.
    8:13 PM Austin: palm. cdnetworks
    100ewwsprint.jar (NOTE: SPACES ADDED SO IT WILL POST)

    8:14 PM Greg Hornagold: Will this be addressed with an option the user can set in a future update? It's crazy to change this behavior from all or none with no option. That's like communism...okay...not really. :-) But it is extremely lame. Words can't describe it's overall lame-ness.
    8:15 PM Greg Hornagold: No exxageration, Austin...I've read a thousand posts today on this concern. Palm needs to research user input on independent forums. People are very unhappy...talking about walking away from the device. I love my phone, but this has wrecked it.
    8:15 PM Austin: I understand that you’re interested to know about the future updates. However, we don’t have any specific information right now. You can find the most up-to-date info on
    palm .com .
    8:16 PM Austin: I understand the situation.
    8:17 PM Greg Hornagold: Thanks for the helpful input and letting me vent. Please escalate this concern to anyone you can. It really is as bad as I say. We just want the option put on the device. It's obviously something in the software as it was changed with 1.3.1. Can we just make it an option? That would serve 100% of your customers. Like I said, please just escalate that to anyone who will listen. Thanks again. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
    8:19 PM Austin: You’re welcome. Is there anything else I can help you with?
    8:19 PM Greg Hornagold: Nope...just let the powers that be know we are in need. Thanks again.
    8:19 PM Austin: Here’s the reference number for our chat: Chat session ID number 44557882 .

    Keep this number as a record of this chat, and if you need to call our Voice Support team or contact us again for this same issue, please refer to this number.
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    Well, I have to say, you folks here are pretty well-spoken. You're saying a lot of what I was thinking but couldn't get to sound like anything other than "ARHGHGHFH!" Greg, your above conversation made me laugh, but was also very well-put.

    I did my "chat with support" already, as well as a phone call to support. So at least I'm making sure that my frustration is being counted along with the masses. I'm also going to post on the feedback page listed here (or somewhere). And then I think I'm going to try that revert to 1.2.1 solution listed above. Hope it works!

    What's really frustrating me right now is I've spent the last two hours of my life trying to get this fixed. I'm sure I'm not the only person here who has MUCH better things to do with his or her time.
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    Somehow, I don't think he sensed my humor. They're used to being screamed at, I'm sure. Nobody calls them to say "I love this." He's used to hearing anger all day so it probably caught him off guard. Sounds like a bunch of canned answers. It's that Palm Protocol in full effect.
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    Yeah, big problems with gmail (over IMAP) on my Pre (in UK on o2). No push, very sporadic manual sync. Some emails not sent, even though they left the outbox. Getting the wee yellow exclamation mark in various places in the email client. Had notification of a new email, but it was for an email that I received ages ago!

    So I'm using Google's excellent mobile interface for gmail as a replacement for the moment. Fingers crossed a WebOS update gets released soon...
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    I am too!!!
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    Seems to take forever for sent emails to show up in my "sent" folder on the phone, even though when I use the browser to log into gmail, the sent email is right where it's supposed to be, immediately.
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    My Yahoomail does not sync anymore after 1.3.1 upgrade. It's set up as an IMAP account with the settings set up as the mail arrives. It only syncs when I go to the mail folder. Kind of weird.
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