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    Like many here I haven't had any problems. I believe that those that have had issues, haven't paid attention to the instructions provided here about removing patches and themes before continueing. I had about 27 patches installed before the update, uninstalled, ran update, then reinstalled the patches. No problem here.
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    for the first time, I had zero problems uninstalling and installing patches after 1.3.1 update....smooth sailin
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    I followed the instructions and so far haven't had any problems except Themes, went into to Everything and downloaded the Theme I wanted and worked perfectly. I did uninstall the Theme in the instructions prior to doing the update. I do not know why my phone did not automatically update before I went throught the recommended process. I followed the instructions, crossed my fingers, and then updated. No problems yet. I am not having battery problems and so far have not had any of the other problems others have mentioned. Sorry to hear other problems, but thankfully I went back and removed the Theme and then followed the precise instructions. When you hack you need to be very careful to follow instructions. If my system cratered I would have accepted it given I hacked. Thanks to PreCental for giving me precise instructions to follow.
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    better check your email to make sure its working lol i myself am unable to open any at all, and not understanding what has done it .
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cooknn View Post
    On my phone it sometimes requires I click a link several times before it does anything (in the web browser). I know it's a good click because the link gets highlighted. I don't know how anyone could like that
    Amazing isn't it? No matter what the problem is, you can be sure someone has convinced themselves it's better that way.
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    Absolutely no problems. Removed patches, theme, installed, re-applied all, no bubbles no troubles. And dare i say, ver 1.3.1 actually seems to run snappier, smother and more responsive. It's MOST noticeable in Music and Photo apps.....when the enable the GPU, a whole new world!!
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    I have the link not registering a click prob, too. Annoying!!
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