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    Hi there,

    found a really bad bug on the Pre.

    Was on the way and the battery was empty. So I startet to recharge the battery on the Touchstone.

    Got an SMS at 22.33 and my answer was on 22.24.

    Then I recognized that the clock was 30 min. behind the time.

    I switched off the network time, because I think it drains the battery to much.

    If there was not the SMS, I never would recognize, that the time is wrong on the Pre..

    How is it possible? The cheapest mobiles can do that better..

    There was enough power to show me the empty battery on the screen, so there should be enough power for a clock..

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    Yup same thing happens to me and this sucks because i was using the phone for an alarm that day and the time zone flipped to central time ... i was confused

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