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    I installed 1.3.1 just fine after taking out all my patches, put the update and reput the patches I wanted....I went to change my theme back and its been hell since,,,i have 4 different themes running in different areas, I cant even get the original back there any fix besides a hard reset? whats causing this? Thanks gang
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    i have the same issue and i posted my problem in the theme section. i didn't get a response yet. please PM me if you get yours resolved and i'll do the same.
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    yeah, i actually uploaded Gemini and Gemini Blue today and i want them on my Pre after the hard work...but now there are hardly any on Preware, and im afraid to dl any since im seeing so many people in trouble.
    Whats the deal. It doesnt seem like there are any super strange changes that it should be messin up everywhere. Unfortunately there isnt a default available for the upgrade and there really isnt much of a default anyway cuz of copy write issues. Mine got stuck earlier tonight while testing it out, i had to
    Dr. it. I was gonna have to anyway, my phone would not update. Now i wish i never updated at all.
    Booo. I'll bookmark this page and if i get more info, i'll be back.

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