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    After the 1.3.1 update, when I go to my Enter PIN screen I have a button on the bottom right that says Done (to the right of the Emergency Call button). I now have to enter my pin AND THEN hit the Done button to unlock my Pre. I could have sworn this was not the procedure before the update. I used to only enter the pin and as soon as the last digit was entered my Pre would unlock. Am I crazy or is this a new and extremely annoying function? Didn't this button use to be a Cancel button?
    Have a feeling this is a glitch as the patch that moves the Emergency Call button to the middle of the screen will now show only half of the new Done button.
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    You used to be able to only enter a 4 digit pin, so there was no need for a DONE button. however, you can now enter a pin with as few as just 1 digit, or more than 4 digits. So, the DONE button is a required step since there is no predefined number of digits needed anymore
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    I for 1 think this is a really silly change, People complained about the emergency call button and how easy it can be to hit, now they force you to go down by it and hit the done button... Talk about stuiped, pretty easy to hit if you are fat fingered or left handed (I am both )

    I am sure there were some good things with this patch, but the one thing I really need isn't fixed. I can't be sending out e-mails with a font size of 15 and have it look prof.

    Come on pre if you want people to use this as a work phone make it act a little more like a work phone!
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    The "done" while mildly inconvenient does make sense, since webOS does allow for actually following the requirements the exchange server has. Before my exchange required at LEAST a 6 character pin, and webOS only took 4. Now it supports longer pins, so you need to be able to say "done".

    The also allow you to set how often a pin is required. (Up to 10 minutes) So if you sleep your phone, then turn it on again in the next 10 minutes, you don't need to input your pin.

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