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    For those who don't think Palm Pre sells well, I don't know if anyone has noticed that Palm Pre has NEVER been out of Amazon top 10 smartphone sales ranking.

    Just search for "amazon Bestsellers in Cell Phones with Service" on google to find the ranking.

    Amazon is one of the top retailer for cellphones. And after 6 months Palm pre is still top smart phone for Sprint, and more expensive than most other phones in the top 10.

    Some analysts say palm pre has not sold well most recently, citing decreasing numbers sold at sprint store, but I think that's because people are going to Amazon and many other stores to get the Pre. Previously, a greater proportion probably were bought at Sprint stores, especially since it only became available on Amazon after a bunch of months.

    Amazon is selling Pre for $79 now, and pixi for $50. Why would anyone want to get a pre from Sprint for $150?

    Anyway, I think Palm Pre and Pixi sells will surprise most people when this winter ends. The pixi will be a much bigger success than Palm.

    Very exciting time for Palm this winter and next year.
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    I wonder how hard it is to get numbers from Amazon. :-o
    It would be interesting to see why Amazon ranks them in their top 10.
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    #3 is now offering for $30 to add a line to account & $25 for a NEW account!

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    it was #1 for a quite a bit of time.
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    Damn, I paid $149 for mine and I have to wait 6 months for $50 mail in rebate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bulls96 View Post
    it was #1 for a quite a bit of time.
    Yeah, and I just realized it's not just top 10 for smartphones,

    it has been top 10 for Cell Phones with Service forever, right now, it's number 4. The ranking is updated hourly.

    Amazon is certainly selling a lot of pres.

    I read from an old newspaper that in 2005, between walmart and radioshack, they sold about 40% of retail phones in the U.S.

    don't know numbers for now.

    Best buy had 3.5% of retail cell phone market in 2008 apparently, and aims to get to 15%.

    If I have to guess, maybe Amazon has 3-5% of cell phone retail market, And they are probably growing at 40% a year. (that's what their overall electronics growth rate is)

    The conclusion is, it's not very useful to look at how many pres sprint stores are selling. It is likely that Walmart+bestbuy+Amazon+Radioshack sell way more pre than sprint stores, and it's likely to be the case that more pres are sold internationally than in the u.s.. So it's useless for analysts to do channel checks by calling sprint stores.
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    My daughter wants a Pre but still has a year left on contract. Where is best place / price for new in box Pre WITHOUT contract? Will I have to pay $300 or more?
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    Quote Originally Posted by willrand111 View Post
    My daughter wants a Pre but still has a year left on contract. Where is best place / price for new in box Pre WITHOUT contract? Will I have to pay $300 or more?
    if you goto you can find one all day for 200 +/-. they are used, but a lot i see are in next to new condition. people buy them and keep them 2 weeks or a month and want to switch for what ever reason. i would just make sure it works well (play with it) and you can activate it before handing over any cash (i will make them meet me at the sprint store and have it activated before i give them cash, or use another phone and have the phone activated through sprint customer service, this way you dont have to pay an activation fee). i have purchased my last 3 phones this way hand have been happy

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