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    I have had to reboot twice today after updating to 1.3.1?

    The phone app just would not dial out after completing a call.

    Anyone else having these issues?
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    Boy am I thankful, I mean I updated last night and have had no issues whatsoever at all! Everything works just like it did in1.2.

    Yet I have read post after post of people with issues with the update. I amthinking that there are one of three reasons why this is.
    1- I'm lucky
    2- Many just had bad luck with the update
    3- (This is the one I'm leaning in towards the most) people updated there pre and they forgot to remove patches and themes.

    When I did my update I made sure to remove the them I had plus the 35+ patches I had.

    I love the update and can't wait till 1.4 bring it on!
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    ya I'm getting a lot of annoying lag and freezing issues in 1.3 then I did in 1.2. Palm, native apps will put you into the right direction here...

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