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    Forgive me if something similar has been posted here before but . . .

    I dropped my Pre in the toilet (don't ask), have no insurance, so I'm S.O.L. right? . . . That's what I thought, but I got a tip that if I put it in the freezer, it may work again (crazy I thought but what the hell, it's worth a try, not like it is anything but a paperweight at this point). Low and behold, I got it to turn back on and have even accessed my music to see if it was real! Tomorrow will be the true test, can I get it back working as a phone? (Already activated my old Rumor) . . . Don't know if anyone has ever posted something similar about a fully submerged in water phone and it surviving before, but I thought it was worth a post.

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    Wow freezer?? never heard that. I used the toaster oven and kept the battery out for 4 days.

    Heard damp rid is good too.
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    The best tip I ever heard was to take the battery out and to put the wet phone in a sealed bag with rice inside. That will absorb the moisture in the phone and could save it. You can also use those little packets that come with purses and jackets to absorb the moisture as well. Freezer would have the exact opposite effect.
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    Girlfriends phone did that, except in a washer. Put it in rice, no luck. Then rinsed it out to get the soap out, and put it in rice the second time. Worked perfectly fine, just had to get a different battery. A week later, it has no damage anywhere on the screen and works like it did before. Tough little *******.

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