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    I posted about this recently in the paches forum, but figured the answer may already be out there, and I could have just missed it.

    Is there a program or app out there that can resolve the 'noise issue' that presents itself when you go from texting to chatting on Gtalk or AIM?

    You are at your desk and get a text. With the latest update, you hear your personal text sound effect, which is nice. A few texts later and you realize that your friend has more information to tell you than conversational texting makes conveniently, so you switch to AIM. Even though the conversation may only last 5 minutes, you will hear tons of sounds coming from the device In message, after this last patch, you will hear your notification sound each time they send you a message. And if two or three people see you are online and now want to speak to you themselves, you will hear the text sound effect for every IM program message they send, as you are in message with your the first friend you began chatting with.

    This can be pretty annoying. Is there an app or patch out there that I've missed that helps correct this behavior?

    Maybe sets messaging to always default to text, so you dont accidental start up an AIM conversation (as you wait for the app to load) when you meant to ask someone a quick question? Maybe it lets you set different sounds for texting and IM programs in case (on another planet where the Pre gets ungodly battery life, and you leave your IM programs running at all times) you want to differentiate what type of message you are getting? Maybe allows you to set texts and texts only to make a notification so that while you are on the phone using an IM program, you are alerted when a text comes in, but IM programs remain quiet, since you are quite obviously using them?

    Well, my PC Fam, is there something out there that I've been missing that you've heard about--either in existence or being worked on--or should I just keep turning off my phones sound when I switch to Instand Messenger?
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    yeh that could b a nice feature

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