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    I have a few areas of the building where I work that have very poor to no sprint signal. I can get a roaming signal, however. Have you found better battery life when roaming or if it's searching for a signal? It tends to chew up the battery pretty fast when searching for signal. Thanks.
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    the searching while in poor signal areas is one of the worst battery-life destroyers out there

    fortunately there are a few very good options for you
    1) use wifi and turn off data
    2) use patches and turn on roam only

    The first option is if you have wifi you can just go ahead and turn off data (1x/EVDO) and use wifi in the building for data. this helps some with the switching around, but you will still be searching for voice connections.

    you will also not be getting true push emails, but the phone will download the emails whenever you take it out of the sleep mode (basically whenever you use it)this is accessed by going into the dialpad's menu preferences.

    the second option, and a real saver for many, is to use patches. there is a patch via quickinstall (and preware) that allows for roaming only. using this you can force your pre to only use the roaming signal in your work.

    you can turn it on when you get to work and turn it off when you leave. this will only allow for a 1x data connection, but will still have full push all the time (if you want that) and of course, with a wifi connection speed will not be an issue.

    you will eventually want the roam only hack, which will be placed in the dialpad preferences as described for 1x/evdo. there are also patches to allow for shortcuts so that you don't have to go into the dialpad menu.

    one caveat to that is you must ensure that your total monthly usage of voice or data while roaming is not greater than 50%
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    simply put: roam only=BIG battery saver for poor sprint service areas (assuming good roaming service)

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