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    Due to problems of not getting rid of themes I had to reset my Pre several times.

    Now I just can't find one special app I had before.

    It was called something like "Simple Tweet" or so... It is used to directly send a tweet to your Twitter account w/o showing timelines and stuff. Pretty simple tool and no special options etc. It can also be used to simply chose an image on your Pre to send it to Twitter in a few seconds.
    The icon it used is a blue circle/ball with a bird inside.

    Had a look at the official (German) App Catalogue, Preware, Preload and fileCoaster but couldn't find it there.

    If you think you know wich app I mean please tell me the name or event he source where to find it, please, but only the name would be fine as well =)


    (sorry for posting sth like this but I spent about 3hours searching and am pretty desperate right now.)
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    Was it Fleet Tweet?

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    Yep I really think it was called that way, but can't find it on this site for download too? x_x Guess I'm kinda stupid today...

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