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    So, I'm trying to add Homebrew apps to my pre for the first time and nothing seems to be working. I tried DLing fileCoaster (which was apparently successful) but when I try to drag it to the WebOS Quick Install window like the steps tell me to, I get a message that says "the system can not find the path specified.)

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance from this apparently technically challenged person.

    - Rae
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    Im new to this also.
    Open up the WebOS quick install. Have your pre conected to your computer click on the just charge. In the quick install program click the 3rd button down. a window will open scroll down and find file coaster and check it and click download. it will show up in the quick install probgram. click on install and there you go. you can do this with any of the programs listed. File coaster is not working right now.
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    forgot to tell you have to be in developer mode.
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    go to this link it shows how to do it.
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    sorry didnt have enough post to put a link in. Here you go.
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    Filecoaster is great, but if you want to have patches as well use Preware instead of Filecoaster.

    I should mention that you can add patches from WebOsquickinstall, but I like to not to have to be plugged into the computer to add or delete patches.
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    It works now. Awesome. Thanks, ya'll!!!

    - Rae
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    thekarens - what do you mean by patches?

    - Rae
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    Quote Originally Posted by raedayz619 View Post
    thekarens - what do you mean by patches?

    - Rae
    Patches are scripts that add features to existing WebOS apps. They are different from homebrew apps because they are generally not standalone pieces of software. Patches add features such as viewing email in landscape mode and adding a numerical battery level percentage to the top bar.
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    If you go to that link i posted for you it will tell you all about patches and thems. that how i learned what it all was.
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    rrob & kunedogg - Thanks for the replies. I'll definitely check out the patches thing on the link.

    - Rae

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