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    everyone knows that's the I'm for aim drained batt life but now with yahoo I'm added to it it sucks even more life from my pre. Not complaining just sharing and I hope that they fix this aim/yahoo I'm problem. Let me know if ur having the same problem or is it just me?
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    I am was really looking forard to using Yahoo IM. The battery drain is rediculous. Totally unusable for me. AND my Pre is running like crap. At this point I got nothing out of 1.3.1
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    Yea tell me about it I couldn't even get my pre to hardly charge wit it on.
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    Thats weird. I'm running 2 google talk accounts, 1 aim and 1 yahoo and I have yet to notice any higher battery drain than before...
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    I can't even get my Y! messenger to work, it keeps saying invalid password, yet I used it on my BB Curve and I also have it on my PC so I think I know my own password.
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    are you siging in without for username? (username only, no @)

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