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    Yep to both. I even just tried it right now inside my house and it was quick.
    The horrid route acquisition time seems to have righted itself. I purchased my Pre on it's initial release day and use Sprint Nav daily. I've never seen it have so much trouble acquiring a route before. Still, I suppose it's routing issue may have been a coincidence. Voice instructions are still hosed. It drops all or part of the street name at random intervals.

    Exactly how did you test the voice instructions in your house? Let me know how it works out on the road for a known route. Doesn't sound like a reasonable test sitting in your living room.
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    I can confirm. I used sprint nav today, and voice guidance does cut in and out of parts of street names and highways.
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    1.3.1 seems a lot smoother to me so far...especially in the photo, calender, and messaging apps....i no longer use my Pre on 3G unless i absolutely need to and i think this is why i haven't seen any battery issues but I believe the hybrid A coding has some issues in it, and they transfered over to the Pixi I am hearing as well....I can be in a solid 3G area with my friend who has the Sprint Hero, and my Pre will go from Ev to 1x over and over again....soooo I stick to 1x now, it does data too just slower....

    other than that...we are still in a version 1 phone...we cant expect everything to be perfect and just some other OS that how 2+ years in the field...if they haven't accomplished 90% of the obstacles in front of the WebOS devices, Palm will lose big time...I will admit that after i have one year with the Pre, if WebOS is not up to par with other competing smartphones, I could be jumping ship to an Android device that seems to be moving in right direction.....
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