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    the original 'issues' thread is consumed by folks that adjusted their phones and are trying to recover - and says nothing regarding the actual update. For those of us running stock phones trying to compare what we've got going on with our phones there is a lot to read about nothing (nothing personal adjust-guys, but that thread reads Surviror pure - "got nothing for ya, return to your camp").

    I'd like to see a thread that deals with the update, not how to deal with the update and my mod phone.

    After the update I have discovered that while swiping through photos, my screen goes completely blank. At first, I thought it had a heart attack and died - but then I discovered the application was still there - I just could not see it. I found if I swiped a few times, it would recover.

    anybody else have this happen?
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    Phone is stock. Noticed this as well. Can't say I've noted any other glitches at this point.
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    Stock phone also and i have not had any problems.

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