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    Okay, I just did a hard reset on my phone and I'm trying to get my email back up and running. I have an exchange server so I sync through my online webmail. But, I can't figure out what I need to enter in the "Domain" section. I've done this before, but can't remember what it's supposed to be. Like, in relation to what I need to type to get my webmail, what do I need to enter?
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    usually it is something that you enter in your webmail so that if it is you would put in the xxx as the domain.

    sometimes you need a \ at the end to make it work, but, if i remember from the last time i set it up, not so much on the pre.

    you might also need to include the .com or whatever it is for you. But i'm pretty sure just the xxx part is what you need.
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    Thanks, got it. Apparently I was entering the wrong incoming mail server address. I thought you needed to end it with /exchange, but I guess not.

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