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    So far I have found 5 people with this problem.

    The phone take a much much longer time to send txt messages with sometimes proceeds to failed sent messages.

    Problem also persists after full reset was performed with web-doctor. Unit was downgraded and it works fine.

    Also do not use the walmart phone charger it will mess up your phone.
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    I've sent 25 messages since the upgrade, no failed msgs on my end except 2. I had moved into a crappy signal area and forgot to set roam only....that fixed it and the messages went out 2nd try.
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    Uh, nope. I live in a fringe signal area and my text failure rate is exactly the same.
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    if you had data roaming turned on the update turns it off. You will need to turn it back on.
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    have not had this issue. Texts are the same as they were for me in 1.2.1
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    just sent a couple no problems here
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    All my texts I've sent this last week all say they've failed to send but in all actuality they do. I don't know if this is just my area (and I'm always roaming) but the Verizon towers were updated this week and it's a bug in their towers that's affecting only Sprint customers. Very annoying.
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    I haven't experienced this issue myself. I'll be curious to see whether or not these other 5 users will post on this thread.

    It's more likely that either you're in a fringe coverage area, or something is undergoing maintenance in your area. Give it a day or two and see if the problem goes away.

    Either way, it's not reasonable to post that this is a "major bug" when apparently/supposedly only 6 users claim to experience it, ya know?

    This is also gives me reason to be skeptical:
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    Also do not use the walmart phone charger it will mess up your phone
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    no issues here so far
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    I am guessing the problem was with the Cleveland area. No more issues. However I really hope they fix the overheating of the cpu when switching from roaming to no signal to signal.

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