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    Well I finally got 1.3.1 to install. Problem is now I get an error when I'm trying to install ANY patch. Ugh!
    Is it in Dev mode?
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    I did the partial erase and then my pre found the update right away. It downloaded in about 45 minute or so. Then it took about another 30 to load and validate. I'd say it went pretty smooth. Some of my contacts did not come back. When I say some about 90% did not come back. Also, I lost word ace & card ace and I don't see them in the app store (any help?).
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    I still can't load 1.3.1 on the Prefurb I got yesterday. Validation error every time, no matter if I download over EVDO or WiFi. I even webOS Doctored it to 1.2.1(thanks Palm for not putting out 1.3.1 on the Doctor), and I still get the validation error. It's very frustrating.
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    The only way I managed to update to 1.3.1 is by webos doctor which was released today. So far so good.
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    Finally went the webOS MD route and was able to update to 1.3.1. No problems to report with 1.3.1...yet.
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