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    My wifi will not turn on. I turn it off for a minute then tried to turn it back on... NOTHIN!!!! This is after the update... Any ideas?
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    did you install the My Tether work around?

    View that thread...theres a fix in there
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    Got a link?
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    I'm not concerned with tethering. I just want my wifi on my Pre back on. It's constantly draining my battery trying to turn wifi on. This thing might as well be a Pixi without wifi...
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    have u rebooted? i had a similar problem a while ago where i couldnt turn it off like it was "turning off" and the circle kept spinning and a reboot fixed it...if that doesnt work i would say doctor or something but u gotta doctor to 1.2.1 and then update

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    I had to re-enter my WEP key, and then it started working again last night... But sometimes it goes back to EVDO when it's not supposed to. Very undependable, like the rest of this phone.

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