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    does anyone have this patch back? cant seem to find it anymore since the update.
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    not working with 1.3.1....

    one of my most used patch too..I need it as well.

    anyone can ping IKYO (the developer) and ask him of his plans??
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    maybe the feeder doesn't update yet.. You should wait until he update this patch to work with 1.3.1!
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    Crap, I loved this patch! Please bring it back! I felt like my smartphone was finally smart enough to handle all notifications.
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    Yeah I haven't updated to 1.3.1 yet just because of this. I have gotten so used to having them I don't want to give them up Hoping the patch will be updated soon.
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    PLEASE!!!! bring back this patch my pre is not the same without it.
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    Seriously people, BE PATIENT!!! It's been all of 24 hours!!! Stop hounding the dev's about updating -give them a chance to eat some cereal & change their underwear. Good grief.
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    seriously a great patch, i can't wait to get it back for 1.3.1, props to all the devs for their great work!

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