amazon just started selling this thing for 79.99

for all those who don't think the pre is doing well, I don't know why nobody mentions about Amazon sells ranking. Amazon is one of the biggest cellphone retailers.

Pre has never gotten out of Amazon's top 10 for contract phones ever since launch. And until the Droid came out, it was always the only phone that was costing more than $0 after rebates in the top 10!

And even with the droid out, new storm and samsung moment on sprint, Pre is still top 10. Huge staying power! if nothing else, it has really good customer reviews on amazon.

Amazon has low prices for all phones, so Amazon should not be getting a disproportionate number of pre buyers.

the samsung moment is currently higher ranked than Pre, but it's a new release, so it should probably drop down after initial enthusiasm.

here is amazon sells ranking for phones with contract Cell Phones & Service Bestsellers: The most popular items in Cell Phones with Service. Updated hourly

I think People will be extremely surprised by how many pres and pixis will be sold this winter.

And there is probably as many pres sold in America as outside.

if you are interested, here is palm pre listed in Germany