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    Hi there,

    I bought a german GSM Pre and installed the Sprint 1.2.1 firmware on it using the meta-doctor.

    Problem : when the phone reboots, it notifies me that a new version is available : webOS 1.1.3 !
    I let it install the update and my phone hang during it .... i had to reinstall the 1.2.1 firmware to have it working, but again, it wants to install 1.1.3.

    Anybody else had this problem ?
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    hi there,

    May I ask you in which country you are in ? I use a german pre in Germany, flashed 1.2.1 and yesterday it notified me that I have an update 1.3.1 , installed it and now on 1.3.1 are you sure it is 1.1.3 and not 1.3.1 ?

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    I'm in France. Here is the full story :
    - Activated the Pre using another SIM card (data didn't work on mine),
    - Built meta-doctor based on sprint 1.2.1 doctor and flashed the Pre,
    - After flashing, the info screen shows version 1.2.1, configuration Sprint 1.9,
    - When I open the updates app, it says version 1.1.3 will be installed, taking 1Mo !

    Actually, my goal was to update to 1.3.1 in order to have APN configuration options, so I can set my carrier's APN for 3G (Bouygtel).

    Any thoughts ?
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    It is so strange ! I think the best way is not to use the update option ! I think soon enough sprint will have the webos doctor for 1.3.1. Keep checking here -> Webos Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals and once it is there use it to directly flash your phone to 1.3.1 ! I think somehow your 1.2.1 is recogonised as 1.1.2 and hence it says you to update to 1.1.3. you are the first guy I am hearing this thing happen! Hoping the webos doctor 1.3.1 is out soon !
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    I hope so !
    But in the meantime, my Pre crashed while installing 1.1.3, so I had to reinstall 1.1.3 by myself using WebOs Doctor, really odd ....
    The good news is that I managed to have data working (Bouygtel) by updating the carriers database, so I can patiently wait for official european 1.3.1 update now !
    Thanks for your support Chander :-)
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    actually the same thing happened to me with the sprint firmware (in france too, on bouygues too), I installed the bell 1.2.1 (via meta-doctor) and got an upgrade to 1.3.1. AppStore still unavailable though.

    Hope it helps, good lunk.

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