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    does anyone know how to recover the contacts? done this before and it never did this (erased my contacts after partial reset) it usally restores contacts and pics and etc (personal files) my pics r there but not my contacts?????????????? i need help please....
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    Just installed 1.3.1 and my contacts, except for Sprint, are gone. When this Pre refurb breaks, and it will within a month if the last two phones are any standard, I'm bailing on Palm and the Pre.

    Too many refurb phones, too many problems, I've had enough.
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    @OP - I've never had any reason to do a partial reset, but it has always been my understanding that erasing all of your contacts was more or less the whole point of a partial reset. Perhaps somebody else can give you a better answer.

    @Coldspike - If you manage to break 3 phones in a month each, the problem isn't Palm. It's you. You should consider buying a phone with no moving parts. Maybe even something with no touchscreen. Perhaps you could find an old nokia 5100 on ebay. Those things were indestructible......
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    i had to reset today as well. everything restored except my contacts. (i back up my palm profile every night.) so frustrating.

    the palm tech support folks are not helpful at all.
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    Incorrect, Partial erase should maintain all contacts and associated data within the profile Now, Palms servers are getting hit hard right now and I as well lost ALL my contacts.. But, I called earlier and palm promised me that the engineers were working on it and everything will work out properly in the end, all your contacts will reappear hopefully by mid tomorrow.. But, we will see, I have had alot less stress after hearing that so thought Id share my personal experience
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    @Veedub65. 1st phone lasted from June until the 1.2.1 patch came out. List of things wrong with it, plastic delaminating on the cover, USB door cover broke off, screen bleed starting AFTER the 1.2.1 patch install, WITHIN minutes of the upgrade. Also MAJOR oreo.

    1st refurb phone lasted 3 weeks, then the handset speaker quit working and no matter all the little 'fix its' it would not work, replaced with this phone which I've had now for two, almost three weeks.

    2nd refurb, current phone problems, it came with 29 dead pixels!! Yes, straight out of the mailer, in the Sprint store, handed to me by the tech. I had to reboot the phone 6 times so we could count the dead pixels. Why did I keep it? Because as crappy as the build quality is something else will fail about three weeks after taking possession of it.

    As for being tough on the phone, I baby these pieces of crap! I leave it on the Touchstone charger in my patrol car because the battery sucks so much that I can't get through an 8 hour shift with out it running out of juice. And lets not mention how bad the hardware build is.

    As for tough phones, I'm so going back to the $99 POS Virgin Mobile phone I had for two years before buying the Pre. Same phone, carried on the duty belt just behind the twin magazine holders. It still works and the ONLY thing wrong with it is my IBM number engraved into the plastic cover.
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    GAHH!!!...i just did a webOS doctor and once i signed in ALL my data is now gone T__T...i hope it can get restored...if not then i lost 150 or so of my contacts info and all my personal stuff that was saved on the phone... :'(
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    I talked to level 1,2 and 3 tech support at palm yesterday. they claim that a new profile was created for me and i am linking to that profile. Also told me that only engineering dept. (closed on weekends) has ability to push my profile to me. Personally, i don't think its happening....can somebody find out what is really going on here?
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    partial reset dialog states that all user apps, user app data and user settings will be erased. The only stuff not touched are usb drive files.

    uhm... You did a partial reset.. You erased your contacts.
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    glad to know that I'm not the only one who experienced a heart attack after updating to 1.3.1 I followed all the rules, removed all patches and uninstalled all themes! T_T why is this happening??? * sniffle sniffle* very sad pre user with no contacts to speak of anymore....
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    besides ya'll loosing your contacts is everything thing else there pics, calender and web bookmarks????etc....
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    LOL this is why people who do not know what they are doin dont do it LOL

    partial reset erased your phone, a webdoc erases your phone completly LOL

    update your phone to 1.3 and i dont know how but do some research on how to reload your profile after you update it to 1.3. the reason your info was backed up to 1.3 not 1.2.1 or any other version so update then restore the profile and it should work.
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    My phone was sluggish after the update so I backed up, and did a partial erase, then later a full erase. All my apps were there, but contacts gone with the first partial. I read the back up info before I did it, it was supposed to do bookmarks, contacts and apps. All I have are my bookmarks, with out all the pretty icons, just gray squares with a bookmark symbol. I even tried visiting the sites to see if they come back, no go. I will try deleting them and readding them later. I had some minor patches, like the phone duration and dialer screen, but had never did a total theme or anything. I removed all that, and I guess the update went well, but like I said it was sluggish so I wanted to redo everything. I had all my contacts in google too, so I just synced to that. Nice to know they import seamlessly into sprint navigation now, which was the main reason I went with palm profile instead of google to begin with.
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    when could that be i called this morning talked to level 1 and 2 and then they sent a message to level 3 telling me they were going to call me in 48 hrs, not the answer i wanted to hear
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    Quote Originally Posted by bugeye41510 View Post
    when could that be i called this morning talked to level 1 and 2 and then they sent a message to level 3 telling me they were going to call me in 48 hrs, not the answer i wanted to hear
    They told me the same thing!
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    for some reason i think they know why this is happening, this fustrates me because they get paid double digits and sit all day and tell you b/s.... i heard that one of the servers are down thats why?!?!

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