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    Ok, still a PITA, but this is simpler:

    -Create new contact ("A")
    -Link missing SMS contact
    -Set missing contact as primary profile
    -Delete "A" profile
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    This is just happening to me now too :s

    Well, I tried sending someone a text, but it kept saying it wouldn't send (first time ever seeing that message..) so I thought our conversation was just too long, because it's like two weeks old
    so I deleted it, and now it doesn't show up in my main window, but it's still there.
    I'm doing a partial erase now. :s
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    I'd like to say that a partial erase fixed the disappearing conversation thing, but it's still not sending my messages.

    EDIT: okay, maybe it's just my friends phone or something. texts to other people send..
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    I made this fatal mistake this morning!

    Except it was for about 25 different contacts!!!!!!!

    What do I do?!?!?!?!

    Im going to have to Delete all my contact and re-add them.
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