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    i did all the upload that this sight said to do and filecoaster uploaded correct. I opened the app and it has not worked.... It shows apps but stays in the screen on the pre that is loading the apps any help would be great!!!!
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    Mine is doing the same. Might be an issue with the upsate. Preware is working though.
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    funny how after the "tether" battle was definitely more for the Pre-ple's side a new webos update comes out and filecoaster does not respond with anything but the spinning wheel of death. i don't think its a coincidence at all because i'm from the old school days of punk rock and was educated by brilliant "outcasts" who told us to stray from the herd of sheep that eat gov't bull****.

    just my opinion but its a very experienced and researched opinion.

    for more, but humorous, Pre rant read my blog on wordpress. catupatreo (now on the Pre yo

    creepycast podcast
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    filecoaster is the "mothership" for all of us happy, but controlled, from mojo afar hoodlums who took an inch and stretched it a bit farther than "they" anticipated when they came up with this brilliant idea to let people think they are getting a big (ok we are, in a huge twisted way) special gift by being allowed to develop all the apps for the new phone. genius idea actually. they save dev $ b/c they dont have to hire people to make apps but now have a shi-ton of great apps and happy pre-ple who now like our non palm os playthings that we were going to set afire shortly after purchasing.

    can i get an AMEN pre-ple?


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    ......and a day or so later, my darlings, the mothership smiled upon us once again. she "called and raised" back at 1.3 and she won the hand so were again "in sync" and the Pre-ple rejoiced by playing with WebOS 1.3.1 and LIKING IT VERY MUCH........

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