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    I have two pre's and on neither of them can I change the default applications. I have been waiting for someone else to post this but it looks like I am the only one? I can get to the screen where you can see the list with the choice of phone number and then the application but I have been clicking on everything I can and cant change a thing. somebody help!
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    what do u mean default applications? are u talking about the 4 icons at the bottom of the home screen?
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    talking about Device Info>Preferences>Default Applications.

    Everything is greyed out for me I can't seem to change anything.
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    Maybe it only works if there are actually applications installed that take advantage of this? And if there's only 1 usable option (the built-in software) it's greyed out? (don't know for sure, just speculating.)
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    Pretty sure they just haven't finished the setup to do this. Otherwise, Sprint Navigation should show under Addresses.

    If you notice, they didn't mention it in the changelog either. Most likely the functionality will be finished in a future update.
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    I wonder if that functionality would be an easy patch, given that it looks like Palm has started laying the groundwork - I'm dying to have Sprint Nav open from the calendar.
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    well, on the bright side, I don't have to go erasing my pre and re-installing everything again. I thought all of the themes and patches had messed up my phones and I got a bum upgrade. Thank you everyone for responding!
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    Holy crap, that's awesome. Good find. Does this mean Palm would allow other browsers such as Opera eventually?
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    yeah that was what was advertised. I thought the functionality was ready to go with this update. But looks like we should be able to eventually use whatever apps we want as the default and that should mean we just need more people writing native email, browser etc programs.
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    We need this ASAP. I want to use Sprint Navigation as my addresses default application rather than Google Maps. Anyone have more input on this?

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