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    So I plug my usb into my laptop- nothing. Just starts charging w/o notification. My computer can not see the Pre.

    BTW- where is this "emergency patch recovery" app that everyone is telling me i need to use?

    I've read I can take the battery out, hold the 'up' volume, and put the usb in, then put the battery back in- and this will let me run webDR?? This will be my last resort.

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    Are you using the cable that came with your Pre, or a generic micro USB cable?

    Many generic USB cables are unable to transfer data to the Pre... if you're using the Palm OEM cable, try using a different USB port on your machine.
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    Nah- not the problem. Doesnt work w/either the stock pre usb cable or after market.

    Found the EPR- precentral/linux
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    I had to run the emergency patch recovery tool, then restart my pre and restart my laptop. After everything booted and I plugged the pre in via usb, it reinstalled drivers and updated everything correctly.

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