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    Just d/loaded fileCoaster, coincidently with the new update...It seems to be stuck in a constant loop of "loading apps"..suggestions or is this because of the new update?
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    Mine's doing the same thing although I already had filecoaster loaded.
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    Yes, 1.3.1 broke fileCoaster. It was noted in one of the 1.3.1 threads.
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    Srry, Im new to the Pre, is their a suggested alternative? All of the homebrew guides only cover fileCoaster...or is it best to wait it out for a fix?
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    you should get preware it does everything, apps, themes, and patches.
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    is preware un-affected by the update?
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    anyone having problems iwth filecoaster 1.3.1 - I can't seem to do a URL install - keep getting "install error" even though I deleted a bunch of apps
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    PreWare is working fine. I installed it via WebOSQI a while ago and was able to download additional apps directly from my phone.
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    Im trying to install preware now at its "Loading Package information" and it has been stuck on loading "prethemer" for about 15 minutes... Does it normally take this long?

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