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    Call it tweaks or patches ,
    my battery life is bad now.
    ALL I did is remove the tweaks , upgrade , put the tweaks back ( sans virtual keyboard).
    And Yahoo account sync.

    It sucks. I have a 2250 mAh battery that used to get me thru the day ( 9:00 A.M to 6:00 P.M). Now at 3:00 P.M it is about to die.
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    I had incredible drain (15%-18% per hour) right after I upgraded on Saturday. I let the battery cycle a couple of times, and today's drain rate is more like 3%. That's half of what is was with 1.2.1, btw.
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    Personally, after each update I have had about a 12 hour period where battery life is sketchy at best. After about 12 hours I do a (Orange)+Sym+R and then the scary part is over. This time I have found that battery life is marginally better post-update.
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    where are the people with that battery performance app?
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    In some of the other forums people are preaching patience; that after every update the battery needs to go through 3-4 cycles to get itself back to proper reading levels. I'd buy that if this was a minor change in battery drain, but this is way beyond that. I charge my phone each night, and under normal usage (a few calls, a few texts, some browsing, etc.) I could easily make it through a full day (7am - 11pm) and still be in the 15-20% range.

    Sunday, my phone shut down at 1:30pm. Today, I sit at 16% at 12:36pm. Again, my usage levels have not changed. This is far worse than when the phone was released. With each prior update, I saw improvements in battery life, but the drain that follows this latest update is nothing short of shocking.

    For those who are best at problem solving out there, I have two patch (the default to month view for the calendar and show battery as percentage), and about 12 Homebrew Apps. Otherwise, my phone is "stock." Since the update, the only thing I've added was the Yahoo synergy; but I set email push to "manual" which is where I had it prior to the update anyway.

    Any insights out there would be greatly appreciated.
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    I was very happy with my battery life before I added Yahoo contacts. I could go about 2 days without having to charge. As soon as I added Yahoo contacts, my battery started draining like crazy, so I ran a little experiment.

    With Yahoo contacts added:
    11/14 2am - 54%
    11/15 7am - woke to dead battery. (only 5 hours later.....not good)

    Removed Yahoo contacts:
    11/15 10:30am - 95%
    11/15 6:30pm - 70% (8 hours later.......much better)

    Readded Yahoo contacts:
    11/15 6:30 pm - 70%
    11/15 10:30 pm - 24% (only 4 hours - Definitely draining fast)

    Removed Yahoo contacts and recharged

    11/16 7am - 100%
    11/16 3:30pm - 76% (8 1/2 hours later - good battery life)

    Yahoo contacts is definitely the culprit. I really wish it would work, because I use Yahoo for everything, but I can't be charging my battery every 4 hours. Palm still has some work to do.
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    Granted I've only had 1.3.1 for a few hours...I noticed a significantly faster battery drain than before. Hopefully this is a "fluke" and when I get a full charge tonight it'll be back to normal levels of drain.
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    Thanks for that detailed information flcabrio!! I'm now in the process of removing Yahoo contacts as well. I'll post my findings as well, but it appears you have found the culprit.
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    flcabrio has nailed it!! It's Yahoo Contacts that is causing the ridiculous battery drain. Following his findings, I uninstalled Yahoo contacts. At that time my battery was at 22%. Exactly one hour later, I'm at 21% under my normal usage. Prior to removing Yahoo contacts I was losing battery at more than 10% per hour since updating.

    Hopefully a fix will now be coming soon as Yahoo is a primary account for contacts, email and calendars for me.
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    I updated and my pre will not charge anymore. Has this happened to anyone else? My phone is now dead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by decypher View Post
    I updated and my pre will not charge anymore. Has this happened to anyone else? My phone is now dead.
    That's been happening to me.

    I let the battery drain to 0. It would shut down and then I could charge it and things would work just fine.

    I'm hoping after a few cycles it will work better.
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    Well, its dead now and will not charge. Even if I plug it into my laptop or desktop, it says USB Not recognized and will not charge. Its been dead for over 2 hours...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hobbz View Post
    I noticed a change in my battery life a couple weeks ago before upgrading to 1.3.1. I was going through apps and trying to figure out what was causing it without any success.

    Last week, I was sitting at DFW airport and watched as power was being sucked away with no activity. This morning, I went to work and was down 8% in the first 30 minutes. All I had done in that time was deleted 4 emails that arrived.

    I wish there was a way to determine what apps/processes were the power hogs. I wasn't having an issue til a couple weeks ago.
    +1, I take my phone off the charger and driver to work and its at 93% WTH? Started since 1.3.1
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    my battery life has taken a significant hit since 1.3.1. I used to be able to go an entire day with moderate use b4 it would reach 20%. Now its at 20% by midday with extremely light use. I've resorted to turning off gps and data to see if that would help, but it hasn't really...and I don't use yahoo...

    I think I may have solve ths issue. AIM was perpetually 'signing in' I removed the account, then added it again to fix the issue. Now the battery seems to have returned to normal, but I need to do more testing...
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