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    Hey Guys,

    With the addition of custom text sounds, Ive been playing around.

    However, several of the txt message sounds I have placed on my phone get cutoff halfway through?

    I know they arent too long because ive heard longer txt message sounds on the phone?

    any ideas? thanks
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    have the same issue sound is cut off on the ring tone i had BEFORE the update .
    i even tried to delete it and reinstall (the same ringtone and renamed it )lol and made it worse...
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    bleh... So no one knows the answer to this? Chalk it up to more halfass work on the OS?
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    I know what you mean,my song only plays for like 4-5 seconds....that's a stinker.
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    Weird thing... I had a sound file I used for my alert tone that I had converted to an mp3 from a .wav file for my old phone. The 1.3.1 update hosed, and just reloading the mp3 from my computer (which still played fine on the computer) didn't change anything - it was still chopped off and distorted.

    Well, I used Audacity to recreate the mp3 from the original .wav file, with the same name, and transferred it to my Pre - and it works!


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