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    Same thing happen to me, luckily I have most of my contact backup on Google. But this really, really sucks. I hope palm get this fix ASAP!!!!. This is absolutely ****ing me off.
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    No Mac hotsync with Palm Destop, no graffiti, NO DICE. Until then the Pre can kiss my backside. What better way to alienate its most loyal customers than to leave us high and dry on two of the most important Palm legacy features. Its obvious the company could care less about the folks that supported it when the company was struggling to stay in the game. What no-brainer goofs for a firm that once changed the face of computing.
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    omg I was having this problem and more! Ive had years of contacts erased with no reasonable explanation! I did all the patch removal, removed themes, ran webos doctor and then updated. Result? NO CONTACTS!!!!!!!!!! I tried everything in the book and then I removed every single email account and re signed in to all. And signed in to the new IM accounts for messaging and they all re appeared! Thank you God! I was so upset! Hope this helps! If it does hit me up with some of that thank you botton ttys -RJ
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    I too only got the 2 Sprint contacts after I doctored my phone in preparation for the 1.3.1 update. Fortunately, I use Outlook for everything and was able to resync my phone using Pocket Mirror and now all is well again for me!
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