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    i have dropped my phone a few times...but I always thought the pre was pretty solid...I got one the first day and did not have to return it or anything...

    so last night I did drop it again...and then got about the update, ready to download, and the touchscreen is not working---sadly...the area below the screen is totally dead, and only the upper half of the screen works...which makes trying to confirm things not to simple...

    sadly I wont be able to get to the sprint store until sunday....I have insurance but we'll have to see if they will switch it out ...everybody has had varied experiences...

    anything I should do to the phone prior to bringing it in? I have some mp3s on it, but nothing critical. I have no fancy preware stuff on it. Anything I should expect with trying to get a new pre set up?

    I hope if I do get a replacement that its not a buggy replacement..sigh..
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    My first Pre would reboot randomly and got a new one which was lighter than my original and felt sturdier... I don't think you'll have a problem.
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    do I need to bring box, receipt? anything else?
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    the worst part of this is that I haven't been able to play with the webos 1.3.1 update at all !!
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    Try a remote reset from the Palm Profile site.

    I had the same thing happen to my first Pre. After my profile was transferred to the new Pre, the old one suddenly started working.

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