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    Perhaps the BIGGEST fix, I see is the charging is now FIXED in 1.3.1.

    Previously, car chargers required the pre's screen to be OFF prior to plugging in the charger. <---this was an annoying as hell Palm Pre bug...

    1.3.1 update fixed this bug.

    This is HUGE news, as it WILL fix many of the TouchStone/ charger issues reported
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    I never had this issue in the past. I could plug in the Pre even while in the middle of using Sprint would charge.
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    Can't say I've had this issue myself. But if its fixed for you then thats always good news.
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    Yeah me either, but with this new 1.3.1 update it fixed a lot of the issues I had with the Pre.
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    Im surprised...its a well known bug (mentioned LOTS) in the accessories forum...

    This is a HUGE fix...I'm very happy with this update rev
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    Yeah, I've had this issue and was kind of annoying. Haven't tested it yet but if it's fixed, I'm very happy about that.
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    Had the same issue can wait to try and see. Thank you

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