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    So my touch screen stopped working and before I go to the store tomorrow I would like to back up my contacts and files. Is there anyway to do this without using the touch screen? with buttons alone? Thank you for the help!
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    It's possible two ways now. If you're in dev mode, then it's possible using Linux access. If you're not already though, don't think you can switch it to devmode withiut the touchscreen.

    The other option is brand new in 1.3.1. If you can somehow force your phone to update, then connect the USB cable and press orange/sym/u. That'll switch it to USB mode without the screen.
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    awesome! my phone isn't working yet, but sprint ordered me a new one. It'll arrive in a couple days. The phone did update itself so i was lucky enough to access it using orange/sym/u. Thanks for your help!

    Will my phone back itself up on my computer or do i need to personally save my contacts on to my desktop as a file? Thanks again for the help!

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