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  1. CUH
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    THis update was an epic fail. GPU ALREADY!
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    When I bought the Pre on launch day, I was disappointed in the speed, especially in opening apps.

    I even posted about the Calculator app taking 5 seconds to open. Since then, even though I don't use it that often, after every update I have opened the Calculator app and timed it. Always the same 5 seconds, one thousand one, one thousand two, etc.

    Tonight, after installing 1.3.1, it opens in just under 3 seconds. Placebo my ****, that's a fact!

    EDIT: Scrolling launcher pages is smoother and switching them has less stutter.
    Take a pic, and tap the photos icon. Much faster loading of photo.
    Contacts scroll smoother too.
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    contacts faster, calendar faster

    ....good minuscule update <---not a full fledge performance update, but I am happy for now
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    Is there any correlation between Pres that are faster/slower due to the ammount of patches installed? How does a stock Pre, versus a fully tweaked Pre with patches react to the 1.3.1 update re: speed.
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    Im updating now...My phone woke me up to only ask if i wanna install the update :P. So I had to get up early run EPR (With some issues) and now Im running the update. Think later this week I may just doctor my phone for fun. As I have not done yet. I have done alot of patching and I think that may help speed some things up for me. Then patch after the doctor . Oh well!
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    Quote Originally Posted by trim81 View Post
    contacts faster, calendar faster

    ....good minuscule update <---not a full fledge performance update, but I am happy for now
    Awesome news. Get my new Pre in 2 days and retire my old Treo Pro. Hooray!!!
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    I don't notice much speed improvement, but everything seems a bit more stable.
    Email is faster, though, mostly because they fixed that annoying bug where the email notification indicator would pop up and then disappear when you opened a new email.
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    Too early to tell for me, not noticing a difference either way, though the photos app almost seems a little peppier.
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    My Pre is actually considerably slower after the 1.3.1 update. Even flicking through launcher pages, there's a 1/2 second delay whereas it used to be pretty much instantaneous.

    I'm a developer as well, and in the update for my app I was working on, the Pre all of a sudden after the update, seems to be having problems playing .mp3 files from my app - an issue it wasn't having before.

    BTW, I updated mine to 1.3.1 last night - didn't start playing with it until this morning. And I've restarted it several times.
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  10. ldj
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    Seems like the Pre needs to be given some time before damning its performance...Let it finish its bg tasks, restart, then whinge away
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    Calendar has the most noticeable speed increase. I also noticed laucher comes up and goes away faster. Other things are faster, but I am quite sure if it was my wishful thinking or real.
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    My trash can be emptied in one move - yippee!!!! No question that my Pre is running faster. Web sites are jumping in fully loaded before the icon stops spinning, YouTube is smooth without buffering issues, and my apps are unquestionably loading faster as well, to include camera, and music. Did I mention I can finally do a mass trash dump!!!
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  13. ksom's Avatar
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    Thx teejay69. This is probably the best improvement for me. My thumb thanks Palm.
  14. eztech's Avatar
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    How could anyone not say the phone isn't faster I didn't doctor my phone just opened preware and removed all patches manually... phone is about 50% faster everywhere to be honest.
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    The dialer in the phone app is way faster. There doesn't seem to be any delay whatsoever when hitting the touchscreen buttons.
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    I play a lot of the Classic Solitaire game, and before the update there were lots of times when flipping cards it'd lag out. After 1.3.1 I have experienced no lagginess, its definitely smoother, and absolutely not a placebo or the "you just rebooted" bs, since I didn't reboot this morning, and I've been using my phone quite a bit before I played.
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    I found that right after the installation it was slower, but a couple minutes later it seems to be much faster.
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    Interestingly, I started this thread soon after updating last night. This morning, however, my Pre does seem somewhat snappier. The lag I was complaining about in the launcher is gone, at least for the moment. Apps are opening pretty quickly, including the phone app, which is responding more quickly to taps.

    Placebo? Maybe, but I'm not sure yet.
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    Screen is bigger after the update? What about memory amount?

    Jokes apart, any link to webos doctor for us, unfortunate european users?
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    Is searching in e-mail any faster? My update is installing right now.
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