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    My phone is acting up and it didn't start acting up since one of my friend's borrowed my phone. I've had it for less than a month, but I suspect they may have dropped it in water. Before I go to the Sprint Store looking like a fool, does anyone know if the Pre has a ph water sensor anywhere on it? I've looked and had others look but none of us can seem to find one. I'm hoping its just glitches from it being a new phone, but I don't know. There is no sign of water damage otherwise.
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    hmmm... thanks. So, it'd be best for me to go in the store and see what they have to say? If I was caught opening the phone, which I'm not comfortable with doing, that could void the warranty, could it not?
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    Unfortunately you won't know if it had water damage until it get sent back to Palm for repair. You'll get a refurb. Just don't say anything about water damage. And no I wouldn't take it apart.
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    That's good to hear, thank you very much. I actually got mine two weeks ago, so they should just exchange it out right then and there for a new one

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