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  • Yes! I'm so sick of it I can't take it anymore!

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  • My pre is running fine!

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    Quote Originally Posted by steves743 View Post
    Who is sick and tired of the endless updates, redownloading patches, and lame excuses from Sprint?

    Endless updates are good. That means they are actually working on the phone.

    You do not have to put patches on your phone if it annoys you so much that you have to redownload them again after an update every month of two.

    What excuses are you talking about?
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    As soon as 1.3.1 came out and did not fix anything important this comes to mind.
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    with this lack luster update, I guess I don't feel bad about listing my pre two days ago on ebay. This is another reason why I say endless updates doesn't mean quality updates. I know people are gonna say that the update is worthy, but without anything new but fixes, its a big let down.
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    i might be replacing my with the htc or samsung android if my six pre takes a Shi*. I love Webos but hardware is garbage and i am tired of replacing my pre
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    Quote Originally Posted by bruba View Post
    sick of the palm pre? No.
    Sick of these threads? Yes.
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    I Web doctored this morning ( slight issue with the 1.3.1 instal) so I am running a stock 1.2.1 Pre, and I still love it!!
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    I love my pre. best phone I've ever put my hands on.
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    We need a 'no thanks' option for posts. You get too many and your posting privileges are revoked.
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    As worded this poll is just another complaint thread and needs to be closed.

    10 to 1 users are happy with their Pre's. And this poll was designed to draw in unhappy people.

    Complaints need to go into the complaints thread:

    - Craig
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