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    Where can I find quality mp4 videos to download and view on my Palm Pre? I'm looking for any type of content (ex. music videos, movies, short features, trailers...etc.)
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    I find it easier to find what I want to watch first, then convert it to .3gp (or any other Pre readable format). That way you aren't restrited in what you can watch.

    That being said, I have seen plenty of already converted videos on many different tracker sites. Doing a serch for .mp4 or .3gp will usually yeild quite a few results.
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    i have been using handbrake. use the ipod settings.
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    Yeah I use realplayer sp which converts videos and even puts them on your pre for you..
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    This is why not having a native API hurts so much... if Palm allowed access to the underlying linux system, it would be trivial to support just about any video format.
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    Thanks for the info. I have converted my own videos already. I was referring to a specific website or other sources that I can get mp4 and or .3gp videos to download to my phone.
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    I've been wondering this as well, i've searched around a bit but i want to just get videos not have to download another music player on my computer to download them from
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    use isohunt and search for .mp4 then sort by videos. Or just search for ipod video or itouch.

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