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    I've got a "problem" with my Pre. Till yesterday I had as operator (upper left side of the screen) - O2 (germany)...
    but yesterday afternoon it changed to Palm Pre...
    what does it mean?
    the silly thing is that I haven't updated or installed anything in that time.. it changed on it's own from O2 to Palm Pre
    btw. I had 1.1.3 version of webOS which I upgraded to US 1.2.1 on 5th november (Bell's - cuz there are no apps like sprint nav and amozon.. that I don't need)

    so.. what does that Palm Pre mean in the upper left menu ?
    p.s. everything works.. 3G, phone, sms.. but I'm "scared" of that Palm Pre in the operator section o_O
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    no one can tell if it's bad or not to have "Palm Pre" instead of "O2-de" and why has it changed on it's own ?
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    Is your phone still operational? If so, I can't imagine it being an issue. Have you installed any themes?
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    yes, sorry.. I forgot to mention it.. I'm using this theme: "My light blue theme"
    but I use it over a week and yesterday I haven't updated it and haven't installed anything new.. I went sleep at 2 pm and woke up at 8 pm. before 2 pm it showed o2-de, but as I woke up.. it showed "Palm pre" instead... o_O
    yes, it's operational.. as I said every thing is working fine...
    btw. I saw an ad of o2-germany with a pic of pre and on the pic was Palm Pre instead of o2-de too... I thought it was photoshoper's mistake... but now my Pre lookes like that one from the ad
    couldn't find the right ad...

    it was so:
    and become so:
    but here is only "Palm" and on my display is "Palm Pre"

    and in phone preferences network is: "o2-de" as it should be....
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    hmm.. just uninstalled the theme. restarted luna. "o2-de" was shown. installed that theme again. restarted luna. "Palm Pre" is shown.

    ok. thanks "problem" solved. Was it just edited in the theme to show always "Palm Pre" instead of the operator (Carrier tag) ?

    maybe this update causes all I described before..


    More changes to the phone app that I left out by mistake."

    anyway thank you, pogeypetey, you can close or delete the thread
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    _artem_ i also have a German O2 Palm Pre. you flashed yours with Bell 1.2.1 and that dosnt affects the unlocking? no problems regarding Phone and EDGE and MMS?

    did you used the Palm WEBOS Doctor to upgrade to 1.2.1?

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